Sonic Nomadism

Roundtable on Worldwide Electronic Dance Music Culture

@ Diversity Festival, Texada Island, BC July 10-13

This roundtable on electronic dance culture (EDMC) will introduce participants to a few of the nomadic travelers who traverse the globe researching the diverse manifestations of ‘EDMC’ today, along with local practitioners who have delved into the archives and mysteries of ritual music, the sacred in society and technology, and the alternative forms of social (dis) organization. Presentations will include projected images and sounds from around the planet. Participatory dialogue and Q&A will be emphasized, with time to interact and share stories and strategies of creating dance music culture.

Presenters include:

Graham St John

Blog –

Dancecult –

Technomad –

Journeybook –

FreeNRg –

Tobias c. van Veen

Blog –

UpgradeMTL –


controlchaos (dj sets) –

David Bodrug (aka Dub Gnostic)

Aron Schoppert

Peleton Musique –

Decibel Festival –


Sobey Wing

Sobey Wing –

Tribal Harmonix –

Earthdance –

Image taken from Australia’s Rainbow Sepent Festival

Earthdance Network-

Evolver Spore-

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