everyone’s perspective is totally theirs to own. and this is mine: that night changed my life. may not have been the best event ever, but it was a special one for me. Wee! this was the first LA massive I ever attended. and one of the last, too, considering that I never took to enjoying massives in the city all that much. But I will never forget getting into the event, finding this music I had never heard before, looking around and everyone was doing their own thing. People didn’t seem to care about much besides listening to the music and moving. I had found my home, a place where people may be dressed up, but for a few moments seemed to be more interested in having a good time than impressing other people. Maybe it was just an illusion. And if it was, I’m okay with that. It’s an illusion that helped me see the real nature of existence for me a lot more clearly. I remember moving more effortlessly than ever before. That’s where a very important door opened for me. And since I went there by myself that eve, I’ve never had a chance to say THANK YOU to the other people with whom I shared that evening with. To this day, I remember the conversations I had, the people I got micro-crushes on, and when I left, things were really different. For one, there had been some crazy wind that night, and tons of trees had been knocked down. After visiting the beach and sitting in the sand and watching the waves for who knows how long, I remember falling asleep with a big kick-drum soundtrack, still running through my head. Thanks for posting that ticket stub; I don’t know when I lost track of that, but that certainly brings back a lot of memories.



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