I awake, activated. In the night, through dreams, from a location in spacetime – if it’s even that – I know not, arrives new instructions.

I blend in. As best I can. With blue and purple hair. I’m practically invisible.

Things aren’t okay, but I’m still at a sort of peace. I get some juice. I get some agriculturally-sourced and factory-processed vegetarian meat.

I’m not in the city I call my home, yet the entire solar system, the entire galaxy, and yes the entire universe is home. Unless you want to get into the center of the sun, or the dark side of Charon. Or some shit like that.

I’m waking up into the my mission. This is no time for dogmatism. Everyone is so friendly at the workplace. Maximize productivity. But part of my mission is to do my work well. I analyze and advise.

I can’t be okay with it, anymore. These creeper militant drones have marked me for life. It’s all in paperwork, but it’s in the readouts when I scan my card, my passport, apply for a job. It’s through some careful SE that I have a decent one. So sure, now, I really have something to lose. Well, do I? I never felt that I had anything to lose. Except I see freedom being lost when I don’t exercise it. But now they’ve got me hooked up to tests. Tests that measure the levels of drugs in my body. Some are allowed; some aren’t.

By afternoon, the assaults have begun. Friendly on teh outside, unbridled happiness on the inside. And for what? The people’s agendas shrouded in the company’s goals and milestones. It’s the same for miles around.

  • Posted on 17. December 2013
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